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LeoBiz ERP plus

Beyond the imagination, LeoBiz ERP plus is a simply sophisticated complete end-to-end Business Application Software Solution for any organisation wherever in the world. .

The solution is built using it’s advanced core building blocks to adopt agile software development methodology to deliver feature rich business applications reliably by Business people who understands the business at a shortest development time, truly. The concept of business people develop business applications for business use is indeed in practice that reduces the total cost ownership initially and long run, Thanks to advanced technology , MenSitpi.

Industry specialized templates are built to accommodate various business process building blocks to fulfill the customer requirements absolutely as a dream in software industry.

LeoBiz ERP plus assures the best business practices are encapsulated as templates for the business managers to choose for the best fit of their organisation freely.

MenSitpi Technology eliminates programming and enable the business people to develop systems for business use. As a result of elimination of lines of code, the solutions developed are reliable first time all the time.

Wither Programming

Thanks to MenSitpi Technology, which reuses its existing core building blocks & enable the business people to construct new industry specific End-to-End solutionLeoBiz ERP plus by simple way of configuration without programming.

Whichever the industry

LeoBiz ERP plus provide you simple, seemlessly integrated solution using existing building blocks whichever the industry you are in, thanks to MenSitpi Technology which enables business people to configure & construct business applications.

Platform Independent

LeoBiz ERP plus is platform Independent. App based solution supports both on-premise and clould infrastructure software as a service. Depending on the organisation need it can be configurable two-tier, three tier or n-tier.

Database Independent

Compatible Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL.

Investment Protected

Thanks to multi-tier support, load can be distributed by adding multiple application servivers and component servers without replacing powerful hardware. Continius application software upgrade will make sure the customers are the current technology available in the market place.

Risk free Offer

1. Perpetual Software Licensing

2. Software Subscription [SaaS] based on Revenue / Transactions

3. Consultancy Services for Business Process Re-engineering

Microsoft Dynamics Navision from Microsoft

If your business is growing and ready to take on more opportunities, Dynamics NAV can help. An easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, it helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management. .

About us

Designsoft Technologies was formed to deliver a framework to construct business applications without programming, reliably. With an introduction of such innovation in software development methodology, the company is in a position to deliver any industry specific solution into its ERP, LeoBiz ERP Plus at a shortest time.

We are proud to deliver the demystified but the best business practices to our customers over the last 12 years while continuously incorporated the following industry specific since now.

  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Print Media / Newspaper Industry
  • Tea Blending and Export
  • Technical repair Services and Warantee Management
  • Apparel Manufacturing and Export
  • Service Level Agreement Operation
  • Service Job Costing
  • From Micro Banking, investment. leasing and banking Industries
  • Hotel and hospitality Industry
  • Club and Professional Membership Management
  • University Education Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • We work with the customers cordially to meet the business requirement for the best fit to your organisation to utilise the computing power.

    Currently, we are looking for market development locally and internationally and seeking partners to join us.


    Our vision is to Simplify Enterprise Software Process


    Our mission is to Create an environment to Make Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Use of Enterprise Application Software more efficient.

    Industry Specialised Solutions

    LeoBiz provides industry specific specialised solution to exactly fit the process to the customer. Core building blocks are utilised for the purposes and we will continously add new building blocks whenever a unique process is identified

    Trading and distribution


    Newspaper Publishing Industry

    Newspaper Publishing Industry

    Tour and Operations Industry

    Tour and Operations Industry

    >Insurance Industry

    Insurance Industry

    Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing Industry

    apparel industry

    Apparel Industry

    Hotel & Hospitality

    Hotel & Hospitality

    Financial Industry

    Financial Industry

    construction industry software

    Construction Industry

    plantation industry software

    Plantation Industry

    Tea Export Industry software

    Tea Blending and Export Industry

    Healthcare Industry Software

    Medical and Healthcare Industry

    Senior Management Team

    Mr. Nazrul Sheriff


    B.Sc.(Eng) (USA)

    Mr. Nazrul Sheriff holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson, More

    Mr. K Ramathas

    Managing Director/ CEO / Chief Software Architect

    B.Sc(Eng). FBCS, CITP, CEng, FCMA, CGMA

    Mr. K. Ramathas, the Founder of DesignSoft Technologies. Being a pioneer in Software industry for long 40 years, he has Architecture Designed and Delivered Solutions from scratch to Multi-National Banks such as CITI and AMEX as an example in early 1980s. Vision of DesignSoft Technologies has been achieved to Create New Pradigm for Software Process Framework to deliver Business Applications by Non-IT Business Domain People to meet the Exact Requiremnet, Reliably. More

    Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayakke


    PhD(USA), MBA (UK) ,BSc.IT

    Dr. Manchanayake holds a Phd at University of Preston, MBA at University of Wales, HND and Diploma in System More

    Ms. S Shuganthy

    Director, Business Development

    MBA(Finance), B.Sc(IT), CIMA Adv. Dip MA, Dip. CSD NIBM, CITP

    More than 20 years in Software industry developed Business applications and delivered solution to Multinational Banks such as AMEX and diversified commercial verticals, More

    Mr. Ranjit Dayasundara

    Representative, Canada

    BSc.(Computer Science), Adv. Dip. CSD, Adv. Dip SET, IMIS, MBCS, FISTQB

    Long 40 years experience in IT industry specialised in IBM Mainframe, UNIX, Linux, and Windows based solutions and successfuly delivered projects internationally mostly in Canada, USA, UAE, Sultanate of Oman and Sri Lanka. Highly qualified in bilingual computer system design in English-Arabic and English-French More


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    As one of our professional duties, we believe in train the young professionals based on their learning interest and commitment. Please send your filled application to [email protected] mentioning the applied post as the subject. Click here to Download Application

    Trainee / Junior Tooling Engineer

    Greatest opportunity to work on our innovative product, MenSitpi where you are required to enhance the existing product. A thorough understanding of the database, programming and web concepts are important and not mere usage of it. Programming knowledge in C# is expected. An IT degree would be the ideal academic qualification.

    Trainee / Junior Software Design Engineers

    Given the challenges to business people to develop business applications without much technical knowledge. Software Design Engineers are required to design application data structures and processes to reflect Business Processes. Work would entail design and NOT programming as design would be translated to working application by the MenSitpi framework. A Business degree with some IT exposure would be the ideal academic qualification.

    Trainee / Junior ERP Consultants

    Opportunity to use the learnt knowledge into business processes. ERP consultants will have to identify, document the business process of our clients and if required re-engineer them and parameterize the LeoBiz ERP Plus ERP solution to be used by the organization. It will be the responsibility of the consultants to make sure that solution is used effectively by the client organization. Part/Full Qualifications in accounting or business degree would be the ideal academic qualification.

    Trainee / Junior Sales Executive

    Be creative to convert the innovation into Money. A sale executive is expected perform sales prospecting for ERP product and co-ordinate with the other personnel is closing the sales. School leavers with good interpersonal communication skills will be the ideal candidate. Some sale/marketing qualifications will be a definite advantage.

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